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Stoch signs new contract

Stoch signs new contract

Autor: FSA, 22.11.2018

Slovak international has signed his contract renewal with Slavia Prague until 2022.

"I am proud to be a part of Slavia. I have found the new home for my family here in Czech capital. But what is most important, I feel great as a football player and want to help Slavia achieve many successes," says Miroslav, the Czech league star, after Wednesday´s signing ceremony.

"Coming to Eden was a great choice for me. I moved here last summer and many things have changed since then. We are doing well as a team and I help with some goals. My aim is to play group stage of Champions League," admits Miňo, Slavia´s top goalscorer.

Conditions of the new contract were under control of Stoch´s agent Milan Lednický. "Miroslav is doing very well. His performance attracted attention of different clubs, but mostly because of the sporting matters, we decided to extend the contract for three more years. I think this contract underlines that coming to Prague was Miro´s good choice," concluded Lednický.

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21 Feb 2019
UEFA Europa League
Miroslav Stoch: 63 '
2 goal assists!
25 Feb 2019
Česká liga
Miroslav Stoch: full time
2 goal assists!
7 Mar 2019
UEFA Europa League
Miroslav Stoch: full time
Goal Goal
+ goal assist !
14 Mar 2019
UEFA Europa League
4:3 AET
Miroslav Stoch: 93 '
21 Mar 2019
Team Slovakia
Miroslav Stoch: 79 '
11 Apr 2019
UEFA Europa League
Miroslav Stoch: 65 '
Miroslav Stoch

Miroslav Stoch

Born 19.10.1989
Height 168 cm
Weight 64 kg
Post winger
Club SK Slavia Praha
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