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5 goals in 6 games

5 goals in 6 games

Autor: FSA, 30.10.2018

Miroslav Stoch scored another great goal against Dukla Prague (4-1) Monday night.

"I took the second ball somewhere in the middle zone and cut it to the left because Dukla player was very close. And then shot with my left to the far post," describes Miroslav his masterpiece.

You can watch his goals in the right column.

"I remember that I scored very similar goal in Turkey for Fenerbahce. Need to watch it again, because it was really very very similar."

Miroslav shows that he is the best Slavia player in recent period. He scored five goals in six matches and most of his goals were determining.

"So far I know him, I think Miroslav is absoultely complex player now. Of course, each player is important, but when the team helps him, Miroslav is the one who brings the quality in crucial moments. He is dangerous both in the box, but essential also in the back. You could see him several times behind the fullback," says Slavia coach Jindřich Trpišovskýfor official club´s website.

Miňo is likely to be called for national team of Slovakia following the change of the manager. The new coach Pavel Hapal said he will speak with Stoch about potentional come-back.

"Wearing national jersey was always something special for me. New manager called me and we agreed to speak in person soon. He makes the selection, we will see if he calls me. I would be proud to play for Slovakia again," added Miňo.

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18 Apr 2019
UEFA Europa League
Miroslav Stoch: 77 '
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Miroslav Stoch: 68 '
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Miroslav Stoch: 69 '
goal assist
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6 Aug 2019
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Miroslav Stoch: 80 '
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Miroslav Stoch: 80 '
Miroslav Stoch

Miroslav Stoch

Born 19.10.1989
Height 168 cm
Weight 64 kg
Post winger
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