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Stoch´s wonder goal

Stoch´s wonder goal

Autor: FSA, 25.11.2016

Slovak winger refused goalless draw in Europa League clash against Zorya Luhansk.

Fenerbahce´s number 99 has come into the pitch after the interval and few minutes after he managed to open the score. Ukrainian goalkeeper got his fingertips on Stoch´s 35-metre range shot, but could not prevent it from hitting the back of the net. What a goal!

"First of all we are very happy to secure three points from this game. We knew it would be difficult, first game in Ukraine was very hard and we saved point in last minute. I think the second half was good, we scored twice and that´s why we have won," says Miroslav, who came in as the first substitute in 46th minute.

"I am happy for this chance, even for 45 minutes. The period when I was not playing was really difficult for me, but I was concentrating on myself, because I always try to do the best when I get on the field. Obviously it is not easy to be regular, we have many great players to play upfront, but everything what I can do is work hard," added Stoch.

Foto: Reuters

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Miroslav Stoch

Miroslav Stoch

Born 19.10.1989
Height 168 cm
Weight 64 kg
Post winger
Club SK Slavia Praha
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